Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures



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Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures

Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures facebook messenger privacy 1

It has been no secret that the Facebook messenger is suffering from serious privacy issues that have infuriated millions of its users, especially after many experts proved that the popular messaging app is indeed collecting private information about the users

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WhatsApp’s Privacy Pirated By Facebook

facebook whatsapp privacy

It was 2014 when Facebook made the $19 billion deal to purchase the messaging app know as WhatsApp. At the time of the initial purchase, Facebook agreed that user information would not cross the line between the two entities, but

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Facebook Messenger Encryption Vs Whatsapp Encryption

facebook whatsapp privacy

The privacy plays a very important role in the mobile world where millions of users are active on a daily basis. The rise of the users follows the increase of privacy issues, possibly dangering for users‘ online security. The need

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Threema Messenger Now Allows you to Send PDFs & GIFs Safely

threema messenger

Threema Messaging app is specifically designed for Windows phone, Android and iPhone and it focuses mainly on security. Threema Messenger was launched on the Windows Phone platform at the end of last year while a latest update for Android increased

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Why and How do Children make use of Snapchat?

security snapchat

Younger people are using the Snapchat app for various reasons; largest common factor probably is down to cost, after you’re on wifi, then sending a message using Snapchat is free. The traditional photo messages or sms text can be a

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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