Why and How do Children make use of Snapchat?

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Younger people are using the Snapchat app for various reasons; largest common factor probably is down to cost, after you’re on wifi, then sending a message using Snapchat is free. The traditional photo messages or sms text can be a little pricy to send; particularly for younger people who are out on ‘pay when you go’ phones.  And for a few people text message and posts on Twitter and Facebook are permanent. Snapchat provides its users naturalness to communicate without long term consequences, the trait almost absent completely from most of the social media platforms wherein the users connect with their ‘friends’ in the one-up-manship pageant of who went to coolest party and also who has the most excellent clothes. It perceived freedom from trail of the archived messaging activity which is very striking to teens since they strive to, ‘off the grid’.

Snapchat app lets kids be spontaneous

And good news for the parents about Snapchat app is that majority of teens simply uses it as means of communication, and not for sharing the racy pics necessarily. In fact, the recently disappearing texts plead to teens’ need for privacy. Though other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter preserve a record, the Snapchat app lets kids be spontaneous and silly without it coming again back to trouble them. Certainly, we as the parents require helping kids keep in mind not to go much far in any situations, not just on the social media, and this it’s vital to take liability for their actions and words, even when they appear to disappear from ether.

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Snapchat app may prompt more children to download and make use of the app, particularly teens who are previously texting via WhatsApp and iMessage. While we don’t believe Snapchat is risky an application as other applications we have warned the readers about, we’ll advise the parents to be alert of whether the kids are using this (particularly as it’s free) and speak with them about the internet safety. That’s conversation worth having much more than once.

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