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The computer industry has seen an incredible rise in the demand for computers and computers hardware’s part in the last two decades. Computers have led to increased industrialization and build the economies of many countries from the most developed in the western world to the emerging markets in Asia and African continents. Most global corporations purchase computers and computers hardware’s parts and software’s after every four years in order to keep up with the technological changes in the computer world.

The top three computer companies according to fortune website places Hewlett-Packard at number 15, International Business Machine at number 23 and Dell which is not currently included because of being privatized, previously held number 43 in the list of fortune 500 companies.


Apple was founded by three partners Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Woniack in 1976 to develop personal computers. Apple is the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization and also the largest producer of personal computers and smart phones in the world. During the year 2011 Apples capital reserves were briefly larger than that of US government due to American debt crisis. Apple has over 72 000 full time employees and maintains over 437 retail stores worldwide. Apple has a worldwide clientele which includes


Hewlett-Packard or commonly referred to as HP was founded in a garage in Palo Alto with an initial investment of US$538, by two co-founders Hewlett and Packard. They first financial product was their audio oscillators and they first clients included Walt Disney companies. The major products of HP includes Personal computers, enterprise standards servers, data storage devices, printers and imaging products as well as software’s and networking products. The major clientele for their products according to their websites includes medium sizes and small businesses, technology vendors and office-supply retailers and also to individual consumers. Currently operating in 170 countries HP is now the largest PC manufacturer and is the first company on top 3 list of the world largest computer companies.

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IBM is one of the oldest computer technology companies in the world founded in June 1911 after as Computing Tabulating Recording Company. IBM today produces a lot of products which includes; data storage devices, computer servers, printing systems, software’s and accessories. The computer has also held a record of the most patents by a company for two decades consecutively. Also in the history of the company according to its website some its employees have garnered five noble prizes. IBM is also the largest provider of technical services such as, IT services, business consultations, outsourcing, technical and software training. Currently IBM company holds the second position in the top 3 list of the world largest PC manufacturer companies.


This multinational computer company privately owned traces its name to its founder Michael Dell. The major products of Dell includes; data storage devices, personal computers, servers, HDTVs, printers, cameras and MP3 players. They have a clientele spanning 170 countries around the globe and its one of the biggest technological corporation in the US. Majority of clients includes the health-care industry, home, business and also governments. Dell has more than 103,300 employees worldwide from different varied backgrounds and ship more than 110,000 products daily. It is currently placed third on some of the biggest PC manufacturer companies.

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