Is Tinder App compromising your information?

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Much easier to use than other online dating portals, Tinder has ended the stigma of online dating. Users do not hide or lie about having tried online dating anymore. Tinder got a great deal of help achieving that from its super user-friendly features like the ability to import photos from your Facebook account after singing into Tinder with Facebook giving Tinder permissions to access a little more than your public info on Facebook, and all you need after that to start your Tinder profile is to write a short bio and you’re all set.

The app’s user experience itself is an attractive, game-like, fun experience encourages some people to use just to kill time swiping when they’re bored not really looking for a partner. And like any things that get so impressively huge it gets used for things other its original purpose, so people are now using Tinder to look for jobs!

The online dating wonder is not flawless though. It has been known for quite some time now that you can as a non-tinder user find out whether a certain someone is using Tinder or not. Although it started with a good intention, as good as spying can get anyhow, to help people find out if their partners are cheating on them. The idea started with a website called Swipe Buster that is able to search Tinder’s database to extract users’ information and lets you, for $6.99, find out if your partner in one of the Tinder users that collectively make over one billion swipe each day on the dating app.

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At the first few moments this may seem as a very interesting and even helpful idea, but when you let it sink in and think about it more deeply, doesn’t it seem to be a horrible invasion of people’s privacy?

Tinder has defended against the privacy preach by stating that Swipe Buster only has access to the Tinder users’ data that is already made public by the dating app like names, locations, and ages. But still, some people would think that it is very wrong to spread such a bad social habit as spying as if it’s an acceptable part of our lives. Some, on the other hand, are convinced that “whatever the people want, just give it to them!”, in addition to that, almost every social media user is aware of the fact that there is no such thing as complete privacy once you’ve decided to put your personal information online.

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