Samsung’s GIF Support

Samsung gif support

Every now and then, Samsung has released a new set of GIF-supported features that allows the user to pick a preloaded gif or chose another from gif gallery. Over the past couple of days, the company initiated its gif always on-display feature that functions just as normal even when the Galaxy handset is inactive.

The new gif feature is supported via Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 plus and Galaxy Note8, and it can be foreseen in the upcoming debutant Galaxy S9 as well. The always on-display feature has been part of the Samsung family since 2016 with the release of Galaxy S7 generation. Obviously, Samsung has considered modernizing the gif experience and expanding its limits via Samsung smartphones; thus providing the users with the always on-display gifs.

However, there is a certain limit to the duration of the gif; as a result, you may wanna trim your chosen gif to accommodate your device. However, Samsung is trying to provide a set of new gif features whilst maintaining other aspects. After all, a full unlimited gif support can surely wear out the battery; and battery life is regarded as a very important aspect for various technological corporations, especially Samsung. So the selected gif won’t endlessly go on, for the gif-support features need to be battery-friendly as well. Hence, once the off-display is functional, the gif will take only one round. It’s up to the user, indeed, to repeat playing the gif.

Also, the loop feature won’t be functional in the new always on-display gif support for the very same purpose of maintaining the battery life. One must not forget that one of Samsung’s drawbacks is the short-lived battery lives that, of course, require more modification. If you are interested in the new permanent gif and want to connect your smartphone to the new Samsung always on-display feature, you’ll have to be sure that you are using Oreo and the latest “Always-On Display” app, available online.

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The gif new support feature presents the users with an aesthetic aura to the very static Samsung screen. In addition, using GIFs allows the users to individualize and personalize their smartphones and Samsung/Galaxy notes according to their own preferences. Yet for your own convenience and your smartphones and devices functionality, keep in mind that the always on-display gifs feature works only with the most new device models or versions by Samsung; plus Android Oreo is a must.

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