Download Latest Version XL 0.5 WhatsApp Messenger App for your Tablet

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The XL 0.5 WhatsApp Messenger App for Tablets is the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp messenger app. With this new development, users of Android tablets and other devices operating on this platform will be able to enjoy the services of instant messaging on their various devices, using WhatsApp Messenge App for Tablet.

XL 0.5 WhatsApp Messenger App version has come to put an end to the problems being experienced by tablet users as far as using WhatsApp on these devices is concerned. Moreover, those who have possession of Android devices other than tablets can as well make use of latest XL 0.5 WhatsApp Messenger App free download version and stay connected with their friends from the phone app. You can get this messenger app in the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is the only official place where you can download the latest XL 0.5 WhatsApp Messenger App version. Look for WhatsApp XL and you will be directed to the download page of the app. Click on INSTALL button on the download page and the app will be installed on your Android tablet.

XL 0.5 WhatsApp Installation Process

  1. It is quite easy to set up XL 0.5 on your Android tablet. The app will still use your contacts from the phone app while the conversations will also be synced across all devices.
  2. A QR cipher will pop up as you launch Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp on your Android tablet. This is the similar QR cipher that pops up by the time you are making use of the WhatsApp Web on your PC by means of Firefox, Opera or Chrome.
  3. You will have to examine the QR cipher by making use of your phone app. Initiate WhatsApp on your Smartphone and trail the on-screen steps to scan the QR cipher on your tablet app.
  4. Launch the app on your phone and click on WhatsApp Web in the SETTINGS. Go further to examine the code in the WhatsApp XL app and you will be signed into the Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp.
  5. As soon as you have completed steps 1 to 4 above, you can now begin to chat with your friends making use of WhatsApp XL on your Android TV or tablet. Enjoy WhatsApp XL and stay connected for more updates!
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