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There are different messaging Apps for different purposes. It is quite important to understand these apps and what exactly you can use each of them to do to enable you select the right messaging app for your need at any point in time.

Discussed below are some messaging apps and the situation you need them:

Opt for Snapchat App if you are one of the Picture Lovers

snapchat reviewsWith Snapchat app, it is very easy for you to send self-destructing videos and photos to your loved ones. In addition, it is no more news that Snapchat app is frequently linked with sexting. However, it is not recommended for sexting because it is also popular with the non-sexting crowd also.

Snapchat is just a good way to send pictures to a friend, from a purely theoretical standpoint. It is a good way to send those pictures that you don’t want cluttering up your storage space, despite the fact that it is not a safe way to sext. This particular app sticks to its guns and doesn’t do much more than sending pictures and video.

The alternatives to Snapchat app are Clipchat and Instagram Direct.

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WhatsApp is used for Replacing Text Messaging

whatsapp MojoWhatsupWhatApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, despite the fact that the popularity of messaging apps changes, depending on the country. WhatsApp resembles any old text messaging app, but you can use it to send photos, create group chats, send voice messages, videos and share your location by making use of your data plan, instead of your SMS plan. The fact that WhatsApp is available on Windows Phone, Symbian, Nokia S40, Blackberry, Android and iOS is what is great about it.

Alternatives to WhatsApp are Google Hangouts, Kik Messanger, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, Line and Viber apps.

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FireChat App is for Local Chat

FirechatThe fact that FireChat uses a totally different kind of technology than other apps makes it one of the more appealing apps currently available. On the whole, FireChat allows you chat with local users over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi incognito. However, for it to work, you need to be on the same local Wi-Fi network and 100 yards away from each other.

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FireChat requires that you are close to each other, but doesn’t need an Internet connection. It is equally pretty simple for sending pictures and text messages. FireChat makes it extraordinarily easy to anonymously chat in a place where there is no strong internet connection or a local area like a sports game, trade show or dorm.

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Emu App is for Productivity Geek

Emu-Messenger-appEmu messaging app was premeditated for productivity geeks to share your location, schedule your day together with an internal reminder system. It is an iOS app that works like WhatsApp and comes with similar features including voice messaging, location sharing and texting.

Emu apps also include organization functions and integrate with calendar to allow you book appointments right in the app. Through Open Table, you can also grab movie show times or book a table with Emu App.

Glassboard App is the alternative to Emu.

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Tinder App is for People Interested in Dating

tinder-plusThe purpose of this app is to search for people near you and connect you to them if both of you are interested in dating each other. All you need to do is to create a file while Tinder scans your local area to search for people with the same taste with you. As soon as you get someone you like, make the profile of that person. You can then start chatting and even meet one on one, if the person likes you. The main goal of Tinder app is to connect you with people in real life.

The alternatives to Tinder App are Grindr, Hinge, Grouper and Let’s Date.

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The bottom line here is that text messaging apps are not for everyone. If you are not a fervent texter, you are not worried about text messaging charges, or your friends are not using any of these services, then none of these messaging apps are really useful to you. However, they are worth investing a little time to pick the one you like, if any of those things do spark your interest.

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