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facebook messenger Facebook Messenger free Download for Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, PC, Windows, Mac, Linux. Find your Facebook Messenger App and enjoy with your friends.

The application assume you already have a facebook account. Therefore there is an option of logging in using your facebook log in details or email. The facebook account option will link you to your facebook friends also using the messenger app so you can catch maximum chatting fun.

Your profile details will be displayed on the app as you have registered on your facebook account.  You can easily switch between messages, active friends, groups, calls with your finger. These represent the activities to be enjoyed on the app.

At the bottom are the home, invite friend (it messages your friends not on messenger to join), camera (prompts your phone camera to snap pictures you can upload or sent to friends), games and search icons.

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