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How many times have you found yourself enjoying Facebook features? No matter of single additional thing or easy games, facebook always adds something new to stun the messaging world. As a result, users are always enthusiastic about the changes and possibilities to try something new. Chatbots are the best features for spending free time and having a good time. As Facebook messenger works hard to develop new bots on a regular basis, you will never find them out of date or boring.

Experienced users would say that chatbots on Tesla or Google stand away in terms of design and performance, but they can’t negate Facebooks effort. The chatbots could be easily reached from the messenger app, where some of the latest chatbots will appear. Most of them have a lot to offer and Yahoo weather bot is one of the most powerful. We can expect a serious improvement of chatbots in the next period as well as the users‘ interest for them. For now, we will be glad to present you populr options regarding chatbots.

In the beginning, try with 36LoveQuestions which could reveal a lot about you. The bot is most recommendable for dating if you are not sure about feeling for the other person. With this bot, you can easily do the quiz and answer to 36 questions to make clear whether you fell in love with someone or not. Just relax, be honest and find a lot about yourself.

The next interesting chatbot includes Shepbot which is a little strange but still useful. This feature will ask you to say prayers and you will able to post them in a public way. Shepbot is also popular for sharing trends of other people in terms of their requests.

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The following chatbot which could be of a great importance is Gymbot feature. This chatbot is a great place for controlling your exercising skills and staying in the practice. The bot controls how many km you passed or biked in a day and you have to enter all the workout information. However, we cannot expect anything more of this feature as it needs a serious improvement.

As one of the interesting features, we can also mention Fatherly‘s Dad joke where you can find jokes if you don’t have inspiration. By searching jokes, you will probably find some terrible but continue looking for them until you find something entertaining. However, keep looking for the favorite chatbots and you will find the best fits for daily usage.

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