The Secret Golden IPhone X Revealed

iPhone X gold

Over the past few days, the rumors of Apple’s plans to launch a golden iPhone X were confirmed based on the document by the FCC – Federal Communications Commission. Through the document, it’s proved that Apple had intentions of releasing a golden iPhone X to the markets; yet, the golden product wasn’t released to the audience alongside its other iPhone X siblings.

The divulged document contains several photos of the golden iPhone X; the photos show the general features and measures of the smartphone. However, it seems that the golden product is very close in shape and coloring to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Rumors doing the rounds suggest that Apple submitted the iPhoneX file to the FCC in July last year; a couple of months before the launch of the iPhone X in September. The photos included in the FCC file were kept under confidentiality terms for six months, and they were released recently, only after the confidential terms ceased.

In fact, just before the launch of the iPhone X, there were speculations about the anticipated colors of the new smartphone, iPhone X; and it was almost confirmed that the new product is going to be launched in three colors: gray, silver and gold. Unfortunately, the golden version wasn’t launched alongside the other colors, and Apple had to postpone the golden iPhone X launch – probably for ever – for there wasn’t any production availability back then.

And despite that the golden iPhone X didn’t make it to the markets, there were some talking about some production problems Apple was facing and these problems were causing the delay of the golden iPhone X launch. Some reviews even added that although the golden product wasn’t released in September last year, Apple is going to release the golden iPhone-X once the production issues are resolved. But there aren’t any statements made by Apple, as of now, that confirm any plans to launch a golden smartphone to the markets in the upcoming season.

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However, it’s speculated that the cause of the abortion of the iPhone X was due to the smartphone frame that apparently hindered the productions. Yet, whatever the real causes behind the unreleased golden iPhoneX are, Apple only had two complete iPhone X editions in its pocket: a silver and a gray. And if Apple is planning to launch the secret golden iPhone X any time soon, the new colored smartphone would surely bring a new dimension to the iPhone X collection.

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