Lower Priced iPhone X On The Way



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Lower Priced iPhone X On The Way

cheap iphone

Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, is an Apple analyst that is considered to be highly reliable. He has made the prediction that an iPhone X of the cheaper variety will find its way to launch towards the end of 2018.

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iPhone X Plus in 2018

iPhone X Plus

Yes, there have been rumours that everyone sees opposing the tenth anniversary for Apple the iPhone x has become the best-selling iPhone model so far. It has gone to the extent of being the best-selling iPhone every week since it

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Apple Investor’s Nearing Panic

iPhone X panic

It is likely that you won’t be seeing the iPhone X for very much longer. Many iPhones have long life and usage spans, however, it is expected that the iPhoneX will be around this year and gone the next. Gordon

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The Secret Golden IPhone X Revealed

iPhone X gold

Over the past few days, the rumors of Apple’s plans to launch a golden iPhone X were confirmed based on the document by the FCC – Federal Communications Commission. Through the document, it’s proved that Apple had intentions of releasing

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IPhone X is not selling as expected

IPhone X

When it was first announced, IPhone X was considered to be a huge risk for Apple. The creator and manufacturer company of the device risked with many alterations that has been done to this model that made it way different

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IPhone X enhancement for one-handed users

IPhone X users

IPhone X is Apple’s first IPhone to have a new design since 2014. We all remember the first IPhone with a larger display that was released in 2014, which was a much awaited response for every IPhone user that was

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Challenges iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy S iPhone X

Even with the arrival of the iPhone X, Apple still has a lot of competition coming up. For instance, it could be that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will top the iPhone X. The S9 could release as early as

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Google Pixel 2 Better Than iPhone X

google pixel  vs iphone

This past month has seen some amazing new releases in the smartphone arena, especially from Google and Apple. Of course, the iPhone X is the newest Apple release. Some of its features include a display that has no bezel, new

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Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Phones for 2017


From the beginning of 2017, five most famous and most sold mobiles set which are introduced by various companies are highlighted. Admiration of these mobiles is estimated via different sources like Google data. In studies, it is proved that every

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