Samsung Galaxy S9 Challenges iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy S iPhone X

Even with the arrival of the iPhone X, Apple still has a lot of competition coming up. For instance, it could be that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will top the iPhone X. The S9 could release as early as January 2018, and is already two months earlier than Galaxy usually issues releases.

The earliest reports to come in state that the Galaxy S9 is likely to have done away with the fingerprint reader. Both Samsung and Apple wanted to make fingerprint scanning a viable part of their smartphone technology, but neither of them were able to come up with a perfect scenario, despite their best efforts. In fact, Apple completely did away with their scanner an opted instead for face recognition software to replace it. That is now its main form for security purposes.

Trusted Reviews say that the Galaxy S9 will even have a brand new sensor for environmental issues. The report stated, “The patent [which Samsung just filed] describes a sensor built-in Samsung’s future smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, which can measure the amount of harmful particles in the air. While it has been dubbed an Environment Sensor, the patent seems more focused on collecting information about pollution rather than a suite of extra environment data, such as noise levels.”

Some people do not think this new sensor will be very important. Others think it will be very important, especially for those living in cities that have a high rate of pollution. Since pollution is on the rise each year, it is possible that more and more cities will become dangerously polluted. In that case, these technologies will become important as well.

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The Galaxy S9 is also the first smartphone to get the Snapdragon 845 processor. This processor offers better speed and performance than anything seen so far in an Android device does. Still, others prefer the Exynos chips in the North American market, stating that a tenth of a second faster is not actually any faster in the real world scenario.

When it comes to speed, however, the Galaxy phones simply cannot outdo the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone X, for some tasks, runs twice faster than the Galaxy Note 8, even though the Note 8 has hardware that is more powerful than that of the iPhone.

Overall, 2017 has been the most significant, and the most expensive, so far for smartphone released. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple can only help the economy.

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