ZTE will find it hard sourcing US parts with Commerce Department notice

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The sanctions of America might have faded up on Iran, as it continues (Iran) to close up nuclear production of material that is potentially fissile. Although, the Commerce Department is very ready to screw on a fundamental penalty to ZTE, a Chinese Telecommunication company.

According to the documents that were obtained by Reuters, the department has got some plans underway, on beginning export restrictions on all of the global suppliers of ZTE. This will make it nearly impossible for the suppliers to ship any US-made parts to ZTE, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer.

Further information claim that the ZTE Company can appeal the decision that has been scheduled to effect from 8th March this year. ZTE was informed of such restrictions from a report that claimed the company had been working with associated United States Government Departments on some investigations since 2012. The reports indicates that they have maintained a constant communication with the relevant departments and they are committed to fully resolve and address any concerns that may arise.

Such concerns are dating back to the year 2012 in investigations by the Commerce Department, which ended up with the agency claiming that the ZTE company agreed to ship products with US-made software and hardware components from firms like Dell, oracle, Microsoft, and IBM to the Iran’s largest carrier as well as all the other subsidiaries of the conglomerates that is controlling it. Such an act violates the US sanctions.

Unfortunately, the department got an access to the “Top Secret” ZTE documents that had apparently detailed on how they could have avoided such sanctions by obtaining some parts through shell companies. Initially, ZTE reacted in the March of 2012 by claiming that it would have reduced and yet again finish any business in Iran. Yet, there was another “Top Secret” document that detailed the company, ZTE, had some ongoing projects in all the main restricted countries – Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Iran. They all had some dependence on the US-sourced parts to some extent.

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The ZTE Company will be required to work very hard, so as to avoid any investigations and, therefore, prevent an action like the one being imposed on it by the Commerce Department. The sanction has already effected – this week. In other news, Huawei, a Chinese compatriot, has had its personal struggles with the United States, due to the fact that its business struggles were questioned.

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