Audio Module for LG G5’s Magic Slot Works with Other Phones

LG G Magic Slot

In theory, the new Magic Slot system which is inherent in the forthcoming LG G5 appears to be very slick. Although, many has termed it as just a Grade-A proprietary bullshit. In case you are looking forward to enjoy the magic that the slot is going to slide into your hands, then you should be prepared to love the G5 and only the LG G5 now and forever.

In any case, you should be a little bit impressed that at least a single accessory for your favorite slot has got the ability to work with other smartphone devices. For example, the DAC LG (32-bit) will provide you with fundamentally better audio quality than any other traditional smartphone audio output. This is offered in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. Although, this is provided that you have got access to audio files that are of great quality as well as great headphones.

As illustrated by a YouTuber TK Bay in a recent video, the slot can also work perfectly with other phones, but this is with the help of a USB-C cable. This implies that you shouldn’t necessarily get the Bang & Olufsen just to enjoy it with your non-G5 phone. It is great news for G5 users who are looking forward to get the most out of their devices.

There is something very important to note; for right now, the interconnectivity with the help of USB-C appears to have been limited to the DAC and its incorporated cover. You should focus in getting the LG G5 if you are hoping to make the most use of robot controller, camera dongle, and expandable battery.

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The features of this DAC are supper clunky, as it’s carrying around headphones, multiple cables, a phone, and a little block. In case you just want to enjoy listening to some music that will need you to have DAC, you can opt for an update to V-Moda’s sleek phone DAC as the best choice. This is rather expensive. This one will hold perfectly onto the back of your smartphone device. Therefore, you won’t be wandering around with a large string of interconnected devices inside your pocket.

Enjoying audio while conducting your exercises, working out, studying, or working has been made easy and enjoyable. With the magic slot feature, you are assured of a very amazing experience that will always offer you the best quality and most use of your device experience.

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