LG G7 ThinQ Review



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LG G7 ThinQ Review

LG G ThinQ

Every year, the audience is pretty much stunned by the release of every new LG product, and whether the product succeeds in meeting the customer’s anticipations or not, it’s undeniable that the LG brand has some major achievements in its

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LG G6 wasn’t the hit phone


When a news appear that LG G6 smartphone is fitted out with Snapdragon 821 it gave a shock to its users. It was totally a disappointment for users as they were expecting an upgraded model of the Android flagship in

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Buy the LG G6 shows That You Will Require a Micro SD Card very Sooner

lgg phone

As the LG G6 hit the market officially, this phone will be available in the two internal storage versions. There are few areas where internal storage version of 32 GB is sold and if you get to it, then you

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After V30 and Google Pixel 2, the LG Phones Are Going to have OLED

lg v OLED

According to last year reports, in headquarter of LG, Seoul. Some questions were asked by the team leader of LG product, Lan Hwang related to Android Greeks mind. The most important question was that why LG phones are a lack

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LG, HTC, Coolpad and TCL are competing for Google Pixel 3 contract

google pixel

Big brands like LG, HTC, Coolpad, and TCL are competing with each other to get the contract from Google for the next to next Google Pixel which is Google Pixel 3 which may be released in 2018 anytime. You heard right

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Audio Module for LG G5’s Magic Slot Works with Other Phones

LG G Magic Slot

In theory, the new Magic Slot system which is inherent in the forthcoming LG G5 appears to be very slick. Although, many has termed it as just a Grade-A proprietary bullshit. In case you are looking forward to enjoy the

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Best Phones of 2016

apple iphone  plus

In 2016, ten most prevalent and best-selling mobile phones which are available in the market are given in a vibrant way as below. According to an estimate, popularity of these smart phones is determined. According to researchers and experience, it

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LG G6 Review

lg g review

This is one of the smartphones we are expecting in 2017. However, LG G6 is expected to be a turning point for it manufacturer in the smartphone industry. If you are interested in getting answers to questions like how it

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LG’s V10 Smartphone Review

LG s V

The LG’s new V10 smartphone cannot be compared with other smartphones. Some of its features are; 5.7-inches screen, Snapdragon 808, a 3000mAh battery, and 16MP camera. The V10 is portable but quite heavy. The heavyweight is attributed to the stainless

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