LG, HTC, Coolpad and TCL are competing for Google Pixel 3 contract

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Big brands like LG, HTC, Coolpad, and TCL are competing with each other to get the contract from Google for the next to next Google Pixel which is Google Pixel 3 which may be released in 2018 anytime. You heard right that we’re talking about Pixel 3, not Pixel, not Pixel 2. Google is really working hard for its far flagship phone.

By the way, HTC, A Taiwanese Consumer Electronics company have a two-year contract with Google for the production of Pixel and Pixel 2 which is going to release in late 2017. And now big brands like LG, Coolpad, and TCL are competing with each other and with HTC to get a contract for the Pixel 3. By the way, You can assume Coolpad as a small brand.

Google’s History shows that HTC will not get the contract for the Pixel 3 because Google doesn’t give the contract to the same manufacturer for all of its products. If we talked about back 2012, Google signed the contract with five manufacturers to produce its product line Nexus.

Reports suggest that front-runner of Pixel 3 contract is LG. Google are expecting that the order for the Pixel 3 series will hit the target of 5 million units and even more.

2 million units of 5 inches Pixel and 5.5 inches Pixel XL has been shipped by HTC since October. HTC did not match its production with demands and Many consumers found difficult to buy Pixel in the market.

A Chinese paper reveals that Pixel 2 will come with two variants with codenames “Walleye” and “Muskie”. It will hit the market this year. The main highlights of Google pixel 2 are that it will support a Better low light camera and Snapdragon 835 processor. Pixel is a hit due to its camera and we think that Pixel 2 will be a hit due to its camera. The price of Pixel 2 is not confirmed but report suggests that the starting price will be $700.

As we know the manufacturing of iPhone is done by Foxconn. Similarly, Google is maintaining a relationship with HTC by designing Pixel and giving assembling duty to HTC. Basically, Google is aiming to those smartphones which can compete with top level phones like Apple, Samsung, and others in the premium market.

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