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Skype, being the earliest online messaging app, offers both text messaging and video call features for its users, primarily being the free app services, it even works on the Skype credit card or subscription facilities to provide the latest options on it.

Microsoft has declared about adding some of the new call features for featuring Skype Messenger for the business use with the objective of making the call queues easier. The biggest two additions in this respect are of Auto Attendant and Call Queues Service. The first one is used to answer and route out the inbound calls automatically, while the second one aids to order the calls so that they can be routed to be received.

Microsoft announced to make these features in service exclusively for the business purposes of making the calling options simpler. Along with the Call Queues and Auto Attendant, Skype also displayed the preview of a new feature known as Call Analytics. The dashboard display allows the IT administration to rapidly recognize and also consider all the issues related to the calling network problems or headset issues, usually faced by users.

The company announced to get the services of a personal assistant, Cortana for locking the screen of Android smartphones. The IT partner of J. Walter Thompson, Menakshi Sehwani mentioned that Skype’s features for online business could become a portion of your DNA, as the company is tending to move further to make the business features more compatible and safer for users.

By using the Auto Attendant feature, the program can automatically answer and route all the inbound calls with the help of input which user enters on the dialing pad and voice recognition technology while the Call Queue helps in ordering the call for routing the live attendant based for a particular order.

Another business partner, Crestron SR has introduced the SR system for Skype Chat Room Systems as a solution for integrating the Crestron Control and AV technology. Presently, Skype has added the first attendant console window for online business on Skype called as the TouchPoint Attendant.

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Microsoft stated that more than one billion business meeting are done each year on Skype network, which aids the companies a lot in flourishing their businesses. Considering this thing, Skype is trying hard enough to offer more exciting options for serving its users especially those who run various businesses.

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