Facebook to Launch a Teen Friendly Messaging App

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Teens have a lot of experience with messaging apps, and most of that experience is unmonitored and on apps and websites that allow for communication with nearly anyone. While the younger generation sees no harm in this, it makes some of the parents a bit uncomfortable. After all- no parent wants a man or woman that is decades older than their child communicating with them through social media.

Facebook has reportedly come up with a solution for this, and it comes in the form of a messaging app that teens 13 and older would have access to. The app wouldn’t require the creation of a Facebook profile and would be purely for messaging and chatting with other likeminded teens.

The app doesn’t sound too much different than other messaging apps that teens already use- but it is. This is a fact that is hammered home when you find out that the app will essentially allow parents to control their child’s social media. This app is reportedly going to allow parents to monitor their teens conversations and control who their child talks to.

Currently, there is no set release date or even a confirmation that such an app will be making its way onto the market. When asked about it, Facebook declined the conversation and didn’t comment one way or the other, leaving everyone left to wonder.

If the app did launch, would it be successful? It’s hard to say, as many teens would find it boring and be reluctant to use it with the knowledge that their parents could be reading into their conversations. Parents, on the other hand, might love the app.

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It makes us wonder who the app’s target audience really is.

What do you think? Would an app like this be successful or would it flop?

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