LG G6 wasn’t the hit phone


When a news appear that LG G6 smartphone is fitted out with Snapdragon 821 it gave a shock to its users. It was totally a disappointment for users as they were expecting an upgraded model of the Android flagship in 2017.

The Certain decision is made behind the curtains in which most of the time manufacturers are applying a cost saving policy in order maximize their profit. And it is commonly understood by the general public. LG has also applied convinced strategies and took sure decisions for customer satisfaction along with keeping their own profit aside.

LG has made very impressive decision concerning their new product (G6). They have decided the best time for launching earlier so that it could help them in trading their product worldwide safely and in time. And in this way, they could maintain essential trade-offs which company has to make.

LG’s division is quite slow as compared to other companies and it has only released after breaking last quarter. Due to this company faced a great loss in last three months of around 117.27 million dollars. Though the company has admitted that LG G6 was much stable and satisfying for users but the still company is putting all the blame of failure on sales. According to them, units were not sold in that quantity as they were expecting.

Instead of making improvements in forerunner’s modular peculiarities, Galaxy S8 has demolished due to LG G6. But it was common at that time as many other Android based phones did so. The flagships lackluster will cause an alarming situation by its sale for its descendant that is G6+. Though in the last quarter, it was realized in past that other productions by LG have tried to rescue G6+.

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Not only phones sets, LG has also earned a solid amount on the sale of other products like refrigerators and washing machines. According to an estimate, they have earned almost KRW 466 billion that is equal to $418 million. A significant amount is also profited on sales of television sets which is KRW 343 million ($308) due to growing request of OLED TVs. Overall revenue calculated is 14.6 trillion or $12.9 billion and income came from sales is KRW 664.1 billion or $588 billion.

LG Mobiles Company is still facing loss or almost ½ of income earned in last year and that is why it is in axiomatic condition. Moreover, increasing earnings of Samsung caused situation more terrible for them and not only this it’s earning also enhancing yearly rise in sales of smartphones.

However, LG will focus more on mid-range of phones in future for a revival of its smartphones business in last months of this year.

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