Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Phones for 2017



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Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Phones for 2017


From the beginning of 2017, five most famous and most sold mobiles set which are introduced by various companies are highlighted. Admiration of these mobiles is estimated via different sources like Google data. In studies, it is proved that every

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LG G6 wasn’t the hit phone


When a news appear that LG G6 smartphone is fitted out with Snapdragon 821 it gave a shock to its users. It was totally a disappointment for users as they were expecting an upgraded model of the Android flagship in

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Buy the LG G6 shows That You Will Require a Micro SD Card very Sooner

lgg phone

As the LG G6 hit the market officially, this phone will be available in the two internal storage versions. There are few areas where internal storage version of 32 GB is sold and if you get to it, then you

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LG G6 Review

lg g review

This is one of the smartphones we are expecting in 2017. However, LG G6 is expected to be a turning point for it manufacturer in the smartphone industry. If you are interested in getting answers to questions like how it

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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