Buy the LG G6 shows That You Will Require a Micro SD Card very Sooner

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As the LG G6 hit the market officially, this phone will be available in the two internal storage versions. There are few areas where internal storage version of 32 GB is sold and if you get to it, then you need to have a Micro SD card soon instead of being late. The 32 GB storage of LG G6 doesn’t provide the whole lot of the space available for the user to meet the requirements.

The LG model with the internal storage of 32 GB will be available in the United States, and if you are wondering that this model also provides support for the wireless charging then you seem to be amazed correctly. Along with this, there is the internal storage of 64 GB too but remember that this model is particularly an international variant, but if you happen to get this one, then you would be never worried about any of its feature (except of seeing that whether the network is compatible with the phone or not).

But, as per the details are given in the latest news by the Android Central, the storage model of 32 GB doesn’t provide the whole lot to the people which are required for storing the apps and the operating system.

The reports included the details regarding the pre-release model of this phone, which is to be expected to have the internal storage of a bit less than 21 GB, which means that the whole system is using the whopping of the 11 GB of the total storage on just native storage. Getting few apps installed along with the shooting of high-quality videos, and you will find the storage filling up to the scary level, thus it is strongly suggested that after you purchase this model, you will be needed to expand the storage as quick as possible.

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The LG G6 is not made in the United States officially but if happens, you will get news about this. It may possible that the firm releases the bunch of the freebies which also include the Micro SD card, which will eventually avoid the users from doing this purchase in the future. But, if any such thing happens, then you are advised to get a storage card of 32 GB which saves you from the headache of storage problems.

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