Samsung and Qualcomm are Coming Back together

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The marketing channels are not even done in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge. These two phones are still getting a lot of screen time across media platforms. However, the sales aren’t doing quite as well as the major competition, mainly Apple. The iPhone is crushing the Galaxy series at present time, and the Samsung brand was on the ropes. However, that’s not to say that they are done fighting the smartphone war. They have recently announced the latest edition of the Galaxy S series, that being the S7. Rumors are starting to swirl about what the company may have up their sleeves, and how Qualcomm may be at the helm.

Change Is Needed

Analysts are quick to say that Samsung has to change in order to win a larger piece of the market share that Apple has right now. That means introducing a faster processor, and perhaps a better chip set? That’s where the rumor mill is buzzing about Qualcomm. Rumors are saying that they are back, but in all honesty, they never left fully. The two companies have stated that there was going to be break in the processing line up for the Galaxy S6, and Qualcomm would return for the S7. That S7 may be a year away, but that hasn’t stopped tech journalists from talking about the latest and greatest possibilities coming to the phone.

Just Rumors?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 is one of the best chips going right now. Samsung’s using the Exynos 7420 right now, which isn’t as sturdy, or as powerful. That’s why the rumors of a new S7 with Qualcomm at the helm sounds so enticing. There are no official statements, however. That’s the one thing that you have to remember about all of this. Rumors come and go, but technology fans are hoping that this change over is going to happen, or rather the return to form as the S6 is not getting the earth shattering reviews that previous upgrades received for Samsung.

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Only time will tell. Or rather, only the two companies will come forward and state their plans. Of course, Apple is set to come out strong this week with news about an updated iPhone. Then again, this may all be rumors and speculation until someone is at a press conference literally speaking about the updates.

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