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We are all anticipating for the launch of 2016 Samsung flagship mobile device – Samsung Galaxy S7. Just like the preceding flagship devices from this company, Galaxy S7 will be a premium smartphone, which will be very expensive. Although, what are some of the features that we are hoping to see and which will offer a justification to this price. From a pressure sensitive screen to an improved battery life, the following are some of the features that we hope to see with the expected flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Impressive Battery Life

Galaxy S6 has been a very great all round-performer and an outstanding smartphone device when compared to other flagship devices from other manufacturers. Although, the battery of this device wasn’t upto standards – 2500 mAh battery. The underwhelming battery performance served as the key weakness of this device, although, we expect Galaxy S7 to pack 3000 mAh battery as per the sources – VentureBeat.

Samsung Galaxy S7 microSD Support

Just like an underwhelming battery life, Galaxy S6 also didn’t feature a microSD card support. It is our expectation that Galaxy S7 will be bundled with an SD card support. Although, the company admitted that they made the decision to drop the microSD card port so that they could offer some room for Universal Flash Storage 2.0 something that according to them would have offered a better performance.

Keep the IR Blaster

In case it’s true, if the Samsung Company drops the IR blaster, as rumors has it, then it will highly disappoint many. The IR blaster was a dream of every lazy person when incorporated on Galaxy S6. It can be used to control sound systems, game consoles such as Xbox One, and HDTVs among others.

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Make It Waterproof

Galaxy S6 is water resistant, given that Galaxy S7 is expected to be more expensive and stylish smartphone compared to the former, there is need to keep it more protected by making it water proof. Some sources, like GSMArena, claim that the device will be water and dust-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Speakers

The playback of Galaxy S6 is fairly mediocre, mainly because its speakers are seated at the bottom of the device. There is need to ensure that the audio quality for Galaxy S7 is improved compared to the preceding S6. Maybe a front-facing speaker might work.

Force Touch Technology

It will be highly exciting to find out that Galaxy S7 will be available with a touchscreen that is pressure-sensitive – although this hasn’t been confirmed officially. In April 2014, the company filed a patent for pressure sensitive screens, meaning that the technology might be available in the current flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Removable Battery

Of course a remover battery is among the things that most people are eagerly waiting to find in Samsung S7. In case the company really want to entice smartphone enthusiasts, it should consider incorporating a removable battery.

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