New ‘Focus’ and ‘Mention Sticker’ features on Instagram

Instagram Focus tool

As Instagram is always trying to please its innumerable worldwide users, every now and then, the notorious app presents new features that deserve experimentation with their characteristics, and limits as well. However, in the past days, Instagram stated the release of two new features to its precious customers that enables them to make their Instagram experience more enticing and fun.

The first feature presented by the viral app is a new camera mode called “Focus”. The Instagram stories new camera feature, “Focus”, allows the users to take a front or rear camera shots; the “Focus” feature is described as a format that allows you to take either a photo or a video that makes your face the focused core of the shot whilst your surroundings are blurred, which makes the photo quite centered on your face and your background kind of faded.

The new “Focus” feature is to be found via your Instagram stories, right next to the Superzoom feature. Once the “Focus” feature is on and a face is detected, the surroundings are instantly blurred. Of course, the user can tap for a photo, or he can hold for a video and the result is a “Focus” on your face/faces. Instagram “Focus” is to be available on iPhone X, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus as well, amongst other upcoming devices. The New feature is to be incorporated in 39.0 iOS version via the App Store, and also 39.0 Android version via Google Play Store.

The second feature to join Instagram is the “mention sticker” feature that is going to be debuted on iOS version as a start. In order to access the feature of mentioning a sticker, once the user takes a photo or records a video, he then goes to the stickers tray and starts choosing the name of the specific account he wants to be mentioned. After he decides on what options he desires, the sticker will be formed and the user can modify its size and place it on any part of the story shot.

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The two new Instagram features make it even more interesting for users to experiment with their stories’ photos and videos. The “Focus” feature is probably the more desirable as it adds more subtlety to the stories; you won’t be looking all over the place, once the “Focus” feature is on, your attention is going to be directed towards one thing; all you have to do is just “Focus”. Yet the “mention sticker” feature is nothing less than the “Focus” one. You’ll be able to mention the person you want via the new stories stickers mentioning. Both are features that are going to prompt various Instagram users to give them a shot and share them with their friends, and followers as well.

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