Apple iOS 9.3 and the Night Shift Feature

Night shift IOS

Most of the users of products from the Apple are wondering what new features they should anticipate in the near future. Well, the Night Shift is one of those anticipated features that comes in iOS 9.3. As a feature, it is designed scientifically making it easier for the users of iOS feel relaxed at the end of the day. Indeed, researchers have discovered that when viewing a bright blue color of your screen at night can affect one’s ability to fall asleep comfortably.

One may wonder how this feature performs its required function. Well, I can assure you that with this Night Shift your IOS device will detect automatically when the dark sets in and, in turn, remove the bright blue color on the screen of your device. An advantage which can be attributed to this is that the color temperature gets warmer making it comfortable while sleeping.

There are some changes which have been brought up by the latest pre-release version of iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3 beta 5. It is deemed that these changes could be incorporated in the final version of the build. A good example is that when your IOS is running on Low Power Mode, it will be impossible for you to activate the Night Shift feature. The second change focuses on the Command Center. With iOS 9.3 beta 5 tapping on Night Shift icon on the Command Center will allow it to stay awake until a moment when it is turned off probably on a pre-determined schedule.

The option found in the setting app named as “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow” if one of those features that your device will enjoy. Another feature that is also noted in Night Shift on IOS beta is the language surrounding function. The shift from “cooler” and “warmer” to “less arm” and “more warm” can be associated with the temperature slider. Consequently, Apple prefers a screen temperature “less warm” rather than being cold for her customers.

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In near future, Apple is anticipated to come up with a new 4-inch Apple iPhone SE, a 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro and a refresh version of the Apple Watch. It is seen as beta-5 could be the last release version of IOS 9.3. Well if this will be the case then a significant number of iPhone and iPad users will start reporting more comfortable nights.

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