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The article provides you with a breakthrough of what you need in order not to get the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen stuck inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It has considered all the chuckles by different people and as well the twitter fodder to ensure that you find it easy either to stick the S Pen or not to stick it on your Galaxy Note 5.

What Should You Know?

The S Pen will go into the Note 5 point-first. Ensure that you do not put the Butt-first, as it will get stuck. It is also possible to get the S Pen stuck inside the body of the phone and if this happens you will most likely break something while getting it out. In most cases, you might end up losing the ability for the phone to tell you automatically when you have removed the S Pen. This is the most likely scenario.

How could this happen?

It will most likely happen if you put the S Pen in a backward position. The point of the pen is supposed to go inside the Galaxy Note 5 first, and you should consider clicking the butt to extend it a little bit and as well remove the stylus. If you put the pen in the wrong way, the spring-loaded section might get caught-up in the smartphones body. With the previous models of Galaxy Note, you couldn’t do this, actually you would get an audible warning with the Note 4. Although, now with the Note 5 it is very possible.

Could this happen accidentally?

Yes, if you are not paying attention, you might end up putting the pen in the wrong way. Although, this might then take things from the realm of accident to “negligence.” If you are always holding the pen in the normal way (just like a ball-point pen), with the point facing down, you will most likely put it back in the required way. Although, some folks hold this pen in the opposite way, and when they try to put it back in the smartphone, they end up getting things stuck and thereby breaking them.

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So is this Samsung’s fault or not?

No, it is something that Samsung doesn’t intend to do. You should take full responsibility of ensuring that you are putting the S Pen back in the required way. There is nothing bad that will happen in this case. It is otherwise most likely that Samsung knew that this would be a possibility when designing and testing the phone. Although, it provided a manual that you would have not read if you are negligent.

So what should Samsung do?

  • Samsung should consider working with its warranty provider and as well the carriers. They should then provide a warranty on this. Surely, it will be a relatively small amount of devices but will come as a great help for different folks.
  • Samsung should also update the TouchWiz software so that you can get the warning just like how we get from the note 4 when inserting the stylus.

And what should we do?

  • Stop putting the S Pen back in the wrong way.

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