4 Problems of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone and How to Fix Them

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According to many users of Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the best phones ever. However, it has its own peculiar problem just like every new gadget. If you have already have or you are thinking about getting hold of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone and are wondering what you need to look for, concerning its problems, here 4 problems with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and how you can correct them.

Inconsistent Battery Life

In an effort to get the phone as thin as possible, Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t come with a big battery. The battery is smaller and less capacious compared to the unit in the Galaxy S5. The believe of Samsung was that they could escape this downgrade because the Exynos 7420 processor it uses is extraordinarily efficient, kudos to a 14mm architecture. With general use, you can drain the battery of the phone in one day, particularly if you are using it for something that is remotely demanding.
How to solve it – Endeavor to use the Battery Saver Mode in the Settings menu. It turns off vibrate notifications, keeps a close eye on screen brightness, throttles the CPU power and switch off the soft key lights. In the alternative, get hold of the wireless charging dock to plonk on your desk or stash an external battery in your bag in case of any emergency. Find one with a 2.1A output capacity of at least 10,000mAh if you want to get few charges before you need to juice up the pack. Nevertheless, any battery having a USB port will suffice.

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Camera Flash Bug

Camera flash is one early bug Samsung has ever acknowledged. Some have experienced the problem staying on, either at dimmed or full power, even when the camera is not in use.
How to solve it – This is a problem that will loom for long because Samsung is just working on software fix to get rid of this bug. However, you may carry out a factory reset to get rid of it right now, if it has struck. You will find this feature in the Backup and Reset part of the Setting menu.

Audio Reverb Bug

One diminutive problem noted in the course of using the Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone was that a reverb effect was applied to the audio output of a media player app that was running, on one occasion.
How to solve it – You can fix this problem by closing the audio app and restarting it. All you need to do this is to just press the multi-tasking soft key and swipe the thumbnail of the app off-screen.

It is not Water-resistant

Waterproofing is another issue concerning the new design style of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.
How to solve it – You can always put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice for a few days. This may sound as nonsense to anybody, but the truth is that it helps absorb and water residue from the inside of the phone. Getting a water prove case to house your phone is another option.

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