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On 20 January 2015 a new app name “Unclouded” which can maintain space problem in smart phones. Different drives in phone keep the record of files and folders like audio, video etc. These files are stored in google drive, drop box or other drives. Managing space in these drop box or files and folders is difficult task. Directly sync is not possible in drop box. A new app name “Unclouded” assists in analyzing and exploring data storage in cloud.

Audio and video collection in smart phones require large space. For managing space most of time we shift from one space to other space in different drives. Unclouded is made to tackle with space problem. Unclouded app comes with animation and clean design. An eye catching app which works with google drive and drop box, which provides good storage administration in cloud. One has to make his account and log in with Unclouded.

To find duplicate files is not easy. Most of the time we don’t know how many duplicate files are saved in phone. Unclouded can locate duplicate or copied files in cloud storage. It shows the folders which contain greater pictures, audio and videos files for easy cleanup and management. Files holding larger space in cloud storage with its type and modified time are shown by unclouded application.

Many apps work with internet or wifi connection. Thus one need to remain online for managing different data in different drives. This becomes more difficult when there is no internet or wifi connection. Unclouded is giving full challenge to such apps which work only on internet connection. Unclouded app can be used without internet or wifi network in your smart phone. So one can manage or clean files while remaining offline.

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It is difficult to identify how much space is used and how much space is remaining for storage of data files in phones. Unclouded app identify how much the space area left in each account in percentage so that you can easily manage and replace files and folders. It sort the files with its name, date, year, and size. With this app files can be uploaded directly to cloud storage. One can share even files links through messages or mail.

Download Unclouded for Android

Unclouded is free on google play. One can download this app and enjoy its many benefits. Unclouded is a best app for managing files and folders in smart phones till date.

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