Google Messenger for Android 5.0 Lollipop

google messenger lollipop

Now, Google has launched a text-messaging application called Messenger with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop in your phone. But it’s still confusing why Google launch the traditional MMS or SMS. Messenger and hangout will offer choice, each have their own benefits. It can work great for cross platform like (web, iOS, and Android) and cross medium communications like (video, voice, messaging, and SMS).

Google’s Messenger been made- over with material design and there is not much else to it. To send a message, tap the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to start a new thread. It’s exactly how the recently made over Google+, Google docs, and Google calendar app work, and also another testament to how consistent and useful material design’s standard. The messenger application also offers a handy button to place a call to the person when you are chatting with. Just like hangouts, you can add people to your Google contacts and give them a special text tone and see who else in the conversation. By tapping their name it will bring you up whatever contacts application that have as your default; such as sense 6’s because on HTC one. In addition, it can offer you a handy link to move over to hangouts so I can start a video call or you can continue chatting in hangouts.

Messenger as the default text messaging application but you can’t use at the same time. However, by using SMS application for sense 6 it will sync text message conversations with hangouts if it’s the default application. So, this the method how to change to Google Messenger tap on the menu button (three vertical dots), choose settings and then set as your default SMS app.

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Google Messenger Avatars

The interesting thing of Google Messenger is about the avatars because there is an influence over the applications theme. When you’re talking with someone who has in a red circle avatar and your conversation with that person will be themed well. The toolbar will be red and incoming the word bubbles as well.  You can also speak of the interface, you can post your image or video captured, photos or video from your phone gallery and also you can send a voice recording. In Google Messenger you can also make a group messages in the ability to search conversations, individual notification control and etc.

In this case, the applications setting Google Messenger closely with the AOSP messaging applications setting except in messenger, because they only storage option to delete old messages when storage is low. The option is to set a specific limit on how many messages can keep in a conversation before the old ones begin drop off. The benefit of using Google Messenger is actually the same with SMS but here you can get many emoticons and get theme to change your SMS interesting. Here are many applications of social media but the applications are same to use it such as Whatsapp, Line, facebook etc.

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