iPhone 5 Review


There are many types of buyers for the iPhone 5: those bored about the Android handset, those that have never used a smart phone before and those upgrading form the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is incredibly light; 20% lighter than its predecessor. It has a height of 123.8mm and a large 4 inch screen. Those who are not familiar with the iPhone 4S would probably not notice the difference. It is a good decision from Apple to make the screen larger so as not to put off customers who do not like large phones.

Apple decided to settle for 4 inches as the screen size for this device because it does not want to deviate from the thumb friendly nature of this phone even though it understands that most customers crave for larger screen size to play with.

iPhone 5 Features

The iPhone 5 has an excellent construction. The two tone effect on the rear side is outstanding, both under the finger and visually.

Users will definitely expect a device of this premium quality to survive the pocket test and perform creditably well for the initial 2 weeks of its life. It will be a disappointment for Apple to expect users of this phone to accept that this product can easily be damaged.

Apple incorporated an advanced form of antenna to increase signal strength for calls and GPS lock on. Other design changes are also noticed as the ear piece jack has been moved to the base of the phone.

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