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VK has got new strategy to retain their customers. VK users will now have the opportunity to work with Microsoft Office documents with ease and from anywhere. This seems to be a big advancement as well as a big idea to keep users for itself. You will get everything there and there without closing or looking for another app.

Since the app was launched, it has not been supporting Microsoft Office documents but now the opportunity has come and, no doubt, it will be a great app for editing, arranging, viewing and sharing Microsoft Office documents.

The group VK stated that from this month VK users will be able to preview Microsoft Office documents; spreadsheets in .xls, and .xlsx, presentations in .ppt, and .pptx, and text files in .doc, and .docx. Files do not require to be downloaded to the device, but clicking the file will open in the VK application or in another browser window.

Since the business and social worlds are glowing rapidly nowadays, the sharing of documents as well as accessing any information you want from anywhere, then this feature will apparently place VK in a different level of competition in the messaging industry. Now, VKontakte will be contesting with some giant messaging platforms in the industry.

Preview of documents functions in the web form of VK and in app. In future operators will be able to directly edit Microsoft Office files in a social network. Formerly users used to hare files, for example, students exchanged notes, businesspersons sent presentations to customers, and managers sent contracts through email. Now, you can work with files without exiting the social network or installing extra apps.

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During the application of this tool, privacy and security were greatly considered. All files uploaded by the app users through the facility Documents by default marked as private, that is not shown in the search outcomes. Using the privacy sets users choose who can see their uploaded files.

From the ideas given by the professionals, this was a very nice step and technology is improving hence there is need for every messaging app to follow the same suit and change the messaging industry’s performance and take it to a new higher level with the same pace as technology.

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From this observations and features we recommend users to use the app for file transfer and sharing since it is easy to use and relatively faster compared to other messaging apps.

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