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The quality of a phone's camera is not measured by comparing the photo output. There exist other important parameters to determine the quality of the camera. These features include ease of use, the interface, and availability or accessibility of advanced features. These parameters should be carefully considered.  Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can witness that it checks most of the boxes. Setting and tweaking your camera can help in taking great and quality photos. This article will help you in taking better photos and videos from your phone.

Quickly launch the camera with the home button

Samsung includes the great quick launch feature for launching the camera at any time.  You are required to press the home button twice and quickly anytime you need to launch the camera. It’s an instantaneous action taking about one second to launch, and you'll be ready to capture great photos. In case you don’t want this feature you can turn it off from the settings

Jump into the settings

The main camera menu surfaces all the basic controls. If you want to tweak your camera, just hit the settings icon. The settings icon is the gear shaped icon on the side of the viewfinder. If you click on the settings icon you will find; location tags, quick launch for the camera, tweaks for video size and features. If you find something missing or some icons popping out of your screen, you don’t have to worry because all you need to do is just reset the settings, and everything gets back to their defaults.

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 Consider not using 4k video, actually

The Note 5 can capture pretty 4K video. However, these videos will overload the phone's processor, and other functions may not perform as expected. In case you need to raise your video resolution on Note 5 to over 1920×1080. You have to sacrifice some features like; pictures while taking videos, HDR video, video effects, and video stabilizations. However, you can toggle between resolutions and change features through the camera settings.

Check out pro mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can still take gorgeous pictures in fully automatic settings, but if you want to tweak things and get superb shots, you'll have to go for "Pro mode. When you tap the "Mode" button in the viewfinder, you'll see the viewfinder changing a bit, and it gives you a new option to tweak the camera before you take a snap.

Play with slow motion

You can capture great videos with Note 5 only by slowing the video you are taking.

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