How to Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Messages

Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Messages

There is a pretty significant change being made in WhatsApp concerning the messages you would like to “unsend”. Previously, you could still unsend messages that seemed irrelevant or shameful, however, up until now, the timeframe to do so was very short. You were only allowed seven minutes to take back a message you wish you had not sent in the first place.

However, we are getting ready to see all that change, thanks to a new update, according to the WABetaInfo website. There is now code that shows people will now be allowed to delete messages after as long as 4,096 seconds. In more clock-related terms, that’s one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds.

Initially, features are often sent out in beta version without ever actually finding their way to a real public release. However, it looks like this change will easily hit the main line of WhatsApp in both the Android and iOS platforms. Of course, much will depend on how this update is received, which we wait to see.

There are other features, big ones in fact, that are still in the beta version, but could also find their way into the actual platform at some point in the near future. One of those is a feature that hopes to lessen the spam amounts as well as fake stories that so often get sent through the app.

It took some time, managing to get that feature actually introduced, and it really only arrived towards last year’s bitter end. In fact, users had actually been asking for that very feature for quite some time. It was hard to wait for as well, because many other platforms were already using the feature.

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There has been a certain amount of caution in how this feature – delete for everyone – has been introduced. Other apps, such as Telegram, allow for a message to be entirely deleted, with no sign that there was ever a message there in the first place. However, in WhatsApp, there will be no way to completely delete messages. There will continue to be a message, as a sort of placeholder, stating that there has been the removal of a message or photo.

In other words, it will be quite obvious that something has been deleted. So however embarrassing the first message was to have been, will the fact that you have deleted a message be even more embarrassing?

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