Response and Notification Features for Line Messenger

Notification Features Line Messenger

The Line messenger will add new functionality for the IM platform. Two patents were recently filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and became finalized the second week of February 2018. These patents, numbers WO/2018/030554 and WO/2018/030553, tell of the addition of priority notifications as well as intelligent auto replies.

It seems to be common knowledge, as is often the case with applications such as this one, that third party add ons are already in existence that will lend to the functionality as described in the patent papers. Still, there is no assurance that the features listed in the patent will ever actually make it to become features in the application itself. With this in mind, we do think the features might be useful additions, and it is sometimes good to see some popular add ons becoming features primary parts of an app.

As to what the features actually do, one lends itself to the way that the application learns to put messages in priority ratings, as well as other interactions, for specific push notifications. The patent says this would work in current chats, which could then be distinguished as particularly important. But it also looks to do the same with chat invitations.

There are two ways in which to accomplish this. The first is that the system analyzes users involved in a conversation. This would include such information as how frequently the conversation with this person is held, and the relationship to the specific user who would receive the notification.

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This would go further, analyzing the message’s content to find out whether or not it is important enough to push. It is not clear whether machine learning will be involved in this endeavor, or how much control would be left in the hands of the end user. However, it does seem that this will act separately from Android’s own notification system.


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As to the second patent, a method is outlines showing which Line apps get to respond automatically to invitations received in chat or messages, based on the user’s status. An example of this would be that the software itself checks user’s messenger status and then makes the determination of whether or not an auto response is the appropriate gesture. Based on those particular parameters, an auto response would then be actively sent, if they were met. These might even be customizable per the user.

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