LINE is the South Korean-Japanese instant Messaging Software


LINE is an instant messaging software for smartphones. Like other instant messaging software, this software also relies on internet for communication. Other than smartphones, this software can also be used in personal computers. Using this software one can send images, videos, audio media, and free VoIP calls other than sending text messages. One can also carry out free audio and video conferences. LINE was launched in 2011 in Japan, and it reached a 100 million users benchmark within one and a half years of its inception. It managed to get to 200 million within the next six months only. In 2013, LINE was Japan’s largest social network, and on the 25th of November, 2013, LINE declared that it had 300 million users across the globe, and out of that 50 million came from Japan itself.  Engineers at NHN Japan, and the Japanese arm of Naver Corporation (formerly NHN) which is based in South Korea designed and developed LINE. However, today all the operation is supervised by LINE Corporation, which happens to be a spinoff company with its headquarters in Japan.

Technical aspects of LINE

LINE was initially designed and developed for Android and iOS smartphones. But since its commencement the software has also been released for Nokia Asha, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. The software was also released for Firefox OS in the month of February in 2014. LINE also released versions for desktops and laptops that are using the Mac OS or Microsoft Windows platform. There are a lot of technical aspects of LINE such as multiplatform, real-time confirmation, operational address book syncing. Apart from these the software also enables the users to add friends using the QR code, and adding friends by shaking their phones at the same time. One can also create and join groups where they can send and share images, texts and videos. This software also supports direct pop-out message box for replying. For the Android and iOS versions there are additional features including a timeline and a home page. One can also access by using multiple personal computers, and one will get personalized themes as well.

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Recent news regarding LINE

LINE has also released several related apps such Line camera which has been compared to Instagram. The photo database has over 700 line stickers and more than 100 frames. Line Card is another software that allows people to share and send cards for various celebrations. Line Brush is primarily a painter app, which allows the users to edit and tweak their pictures using brush styles. There a couple of anime which run by the name of LINE Offline and LINE Town. The software was also shown on Big Sean’s music video “Guap”.

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