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talkatone review


Nowadays, there are many communication app that has plagued over the App store of your respective devices. Be it iOS or Android, we have never lacked in abundance of wide array of available communication apps to download and use. Unfortunately, these apps only allow both users to be logged in to the apps in order to communicate with each other. If neither one of you doesn’t have the app installed, then tough luck. You have to install it in order to make it work.

Google sees this problem and brings an answer to this problem by introducing Google Voice, which assigning unique phone numbers into your phone in order to allow you to make a voice calls and text messages at the cost of internet connection data packets. Still, there is one problem persist with it. You can make the call using Google Voice, but you cannot receive a call in the same manner as normal mobile phone when someone called. There are no push notification button like normal native phones should be, and that presents itself a problem.

Fortunately, Talkatone App has a solution for that problem. With the ability to runs the program on the background, you can easily swipe your phone to receive or rejects call as easily as a normal phone should be. By providing full Google Voice support, you can make an entirely free calls and messaging for any number in US and Canada by only using wifi signal. Along with the unique phone number assignment, you can literally turn any iPods and tablets into a phone by just installing Talkatone.

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Free Calls and Messaging, Anywhere, Anytime

By taking the advantages of Google Voice’s service, you can easily make a call to US and Canada phone number from anywhere and anytime. You might need to sign up for Google Voice service at first that takes a lengthy time of preparation, but the result is worth the pain. You can easily calls your friends and colleagues by only connecting to the wifi or using mobile internet data plan, domestic or international. Do note that outbound calls outside the US and Canada will still charges you with Talkatone credits, but you will get 10 minutes of free outbound calls per month, so it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Intuitive Design to Mimic Normal Phone

Talkatone is specifically designed to mimic original phone design that gives you an ease of making calls or receiving one. You can easily tap over your contacts on the main menu where it will replace the interface with Talkatone’s, and you can easily swipe your phone to receive incoming calls just like a normal phone should be. You can also easily message your contacts by pushing the SMS button that is presented in your contacts.

Literally Free, No Strings Attached

Since all of the inbound and outbound calls are made by using internet service, there are no additional charges that is needed for using Talkatone phone service. So start download it now and enjoy free calls and messaging that Talkatone presents for free!

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