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The ClipChat is the most recent social network app with a ground-breaking way of making users share videos and photos with their Android Smartphone (version 1.5.1) or iPhone version 2.0) . With ClipChat app, users can send videos and photos of about 5 seconds. Since life is all about the gathering of incredible, momentary moments that can be forgotten quickly, Clipchat app is a social media platform used to capture and share those amazing moments. In a nutshell, Clipchat is the innovative way to share and discover.

The Clipchat application comes with a pretty, easy-to-use interface and boasts second to none encryption to keep the data shared between network members confidential. While messages can only be deleted with an easy swipe gesture on the screen, Clipchat app can only allow you to share with followers and friends  who are Clipchat members authorized by you.

Clipchat App Features

5 Second Moments – This feature of the app is used for sharing 5 second images or videos that vanish perpetually after they are viewed

Clipchat Feed – This feature is used to recover messages from those you follow or share messages with your followers.

Enhanced Security – This feature keeps your content confidential and safe with the industrial-strength encryption.

Innovative Design – Offers an amazingly instinctive design and user experience

Pixelation Effect – Makes previews safe and exhilarating

More Speed – This feature of Clipchat app sends messages quickly and responds to messages with just a click


  • Fast sharing between network members
  • Easy-to-use pretty interface


  • Video messages restricted to just 5 seconds
  • There is no major difference from the existing SnapChat
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