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Technology has brought communication into brand new level. Let’s talk about voice messaging. Cord is an application that gives you the ability to communicate through messaging with voice. To learn about CORD app, you should recognize all of the features.

Cord App Features

  • There’s an easy access to different features such as tapping a message to listen and holding it to reply.
  • You will obtain fast listening and no messages will be longer than 12 seconds.
  • Use the Microphone button to share on the web or send to friends.
  • You are able to chat with many friends at once and create a group.
  • Join a particular channel to communicate with people next door or globally.
  • Clearing all messages to keep a secret. It can be done at once or one by one.
  • You can save favorite message for certain time that you really like.
  • Sign-in now with your current phone number, Google+, or Facebook.

News about Cord Voice Messaging Application

With current Cord application, Google is aiming to give smart phone users with something unusual to talk to other people. We can do it already with our phone, can’t we? Well, it’s not the point. It’s all about the way to communicate in minimal hands’ involvement. Now, voice has been included into messaging applications. Overall, Cord application has the hope to get good things about texting and bring up the voice messaging. It will incorporate emotion into instant messaging through voice. Moreover, users also get the instant speed of texting along with the voice messaging. What can be more functional than this?

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We can use version 2.0 of Cord app. It works perfectly on iOs and Android. The first version was released last year. It has been growing well around the world with nearly ½ million of users. The next version includes some features, such as voice filters and channels. Channels are the most useful feature in this version. They are chat rooms with audio that are organized for anyone. This kind of feature is more private than regular video, but more personal than texting. In fact, voice is the perfect initiation of conversation. You can find huge group of people in this channel, and then switch into private conversation and messaging.

This kind of new feature of Cord application will be used for many users to share tips, beat-boxing competitions, or merely to say ‘hello’ to people all over the world. More than couple year, Cord’s servers have givens service among users globally. People use this application more than just daily messaging. It’s way more fun than regular texting. Since users won’t be limited by text, they will unleash freedom and creativity to use this app on their smart phone. In some countries, voice messages have replaced texts. Cord becomes on of the best application to use, doesn’t it?

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