How to turn your Galaxy Note 4 into a Nexus 6

Galaxy Note  Nexus


The need for new stock Android ROM experience is rapidly growing. Due to this, people can follow simple stages to change their Galaxy Note 4 features and have a new experience like that of a Nexus 6.

Get a new launcher

The first step is to get a new launcher. Then start by getting a stock lollipop display. This new look can be accessed after installing Google now launcher in your Note 4 devices. One can also try to install Apex launcher themes from Google now launcher and see how it work in their Note 4 device.

Use Google Now more

After customizing the Apex launcher themes, continue with the process of installing Google now. Because you already have a new home screen, familiarize yourself with the Google now app. Here the user will follow sound commands to enhance the user interface experience. But before you start using the sound command feature you need first to download a customized language pack, and then you proceed by registering your voice. These would help users to operate their Note 4 devices while they are in different rooms.

Get MOAR Google Apps

The MOAR Google apps help to improve the quality of browsing apps and camera. For instance, after customization process is through users of Note 4 devices can shift from Samsung camera to Google camera. Users can also access the services of google messenger instead of using Samsung messages. Others excellent users experiences includes Hangouts and Google Photos app. On reaching this stage, it is the user who decides how far to go in replacing the Samsung apps with Google Apps. The Samsung apps that were initially installed in the Note 4 can be re- enabled or re-installed when the users wish. In addition to these, a person can choose to erase all the apps that were initially installed and start using new ones.

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More Lollipop tweaks

The users can follow their preferences. This is done by liking the notifications that pops-up at the peripheral of the screen. This platform contains different apps that will make users Note 4 device look magnificent. After installation of all interesting features, users can continue customizing their Note 4 Android devices by adding features like lollipop status bar and settings menu. The key reason for changing the initial Note 4 features is to make the whole experience of using Note 4 feel like that of a person operating a Nexus 6 device.

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