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Mssngr app

The Mssngr App was developed and offered by Y2K. This app isn’t compatible with most of the Android devices by will work perfectly on Android version 2.2 and above. What Should You Know About Mssngr App? According to the developer all the credit goes to Facebook Inc. as the main purpose of this application is to need of installing the Facebook Messenger. Remember the fact that you will need to install a Facebook Messenger app in your Android device for you to share messages despite whether you have a Facebook account.

You will need the Facebook App in order to use this app otherwise it will be of no use to you. Basically, it will only start the original Facebook “Chat” that you were used to before the genesis of the Facebook Messenger, this is why you need to have an active Facebook application.

The app will also be functional until Facebook removes the original chat from their app. Therefore, as long as the original chat is there, you can use the Mssngr app to share messages via Facebook without being prompted to navigate to the Facebook Messenger.

Why is Mssngr Important?

The important of Mssngr comes when you have a new phone, or you have removed all the applications from your phone. It will also be important if you have started using Facebook for the first time on your Android device. In this case if you happen to install or reinstall the Facebook App, you will be able to use its all features for some days, this is including its chat features.

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Download Mssngr 

After some days, Facebook will say that they have moved the “Chat” feature over to the Facebook Messenger and therefore you will need to get the app. In this instance you will need to visit the Play Store and Download the app via the link that they have provided.

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