MightyText, AirDroid, DeskSMS, TabletSMS or Google Voice

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Looking at the good things about MightyText, it is adjudged the best way to text from your PC on Android. MightyText App Competition:

AirDroid is a keen competition to MightyText and the best alternative if searching through your text messages is vital to you. AirDroid is an absolute Android-to-PC solution and not just texting. Robust text messaging support is one of the main features of remote that is controlling your Android the web. It carries out quick searches and indexes all your messages.

DeskSMS is another notable competition to MightyText, but it requires an annual subscription. DeskSMS has integration with GogleTalk/Hangouts and came with TabletSMS that basically allows you handle text messages on an Android tablet.

Google Voice is also one of the best options for text messaging from your PC. Google Voice will integrate with Gmail for VOIP, forward calls and lots more. Google Voice texting has many odd bugs, (such as showing messages out of order and splitting them), it does not support MMS (except on Sprint and above all, it is not all that extraordinary.

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