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Recently caught by the Google, Waze is a mapping and navigation app which offers the real-time information of traffic and road warnings. As it is free to use, accurate, and contains many features, it is considered to be one of the best apps which lie in this category. But, don’t look at it as the fully filled alternative of the Google Maps. Since Waze is basically planned for use while you are driving, you can’t use for getting directions while you are walking.

Also, you don’t have the 3D visualizations or topography at Waze which you can have on Apple or Google Maps, however as there is very less driving while moving across the buildings, you can’t ignore the advantages of Waze. This app can be used without any account, but some settings are required to be done on it for getting benefits of various options on Waze.

Features of Waze

Some of the top features of this app are given below:

Waze Maps and traffic

The feature which makes Waze the most powerful app is its rich and continuously being updated database. It has thousands of the users who use countless data points actively or passively altogether on the accurate maps which are made up by the professional mapmakers. And obviously, the app filters all of this data into the usable route data for users to see the traffic on screen. The road endings because of some construction projects and the one-way street and turn around are exhibited properly on the app.


Waze Navigation

One thing which makes Waze a little flat is its user interface. The maps are easy to understand, but the menu and reporting options are pretty small and tucked in the low corners of the display. Tapping them releases a pop-up menu which carries more options and large buttons, but this shows that the still you need at least a swipe and three taps to do for selecting the preset destination like home or workplace.


Waze has the social options like to connect with Facebook, games (to earn points by finding the digital treats on maps), and query map chat option which allows you to leave the photos and messages on the map for other users. There is also a feature of searching and reporting the fuel costs, which is quite useful but is difficult to use while you are driving on the road.

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