Why Snap looks more like Twitter than Facebook

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The parent firm of Snapchat, Snap has more common features with Twitter than you have ever imagined, as per reports of S&P Global Market Intelligence. The S&P Global Market Intelligence hired its exclusive credit score plan to apply a credit score for Snap in the running to its IPO at the start of March.

The results indicate that a recommended credit score of B type, which is more in trend than the companions like twitter and yelp during IPO periods as compared to Facebook.

The Snap’s credit score exhibits the higher credit risk, particularly it may get balanced to 4.45% actual default rate just in a period of one year, or almost occurs one in 20. Putting this thing in a prospective way, Snap’s credit score is much risky as compared to the medium stage risk on the App Software industry, that is B+.

In comparison, Twitter gained a credit score of B and Yelp earned the credit score of CC+ during their respective IPO durations. The credit score of these companies raised few notches in coming months or years. Meanwhile, Facebook made the credit score of BBB+ and rated from S&P Global Market Intelligence and lowered for the very short interval before it eventually notched to an excellent score of A+.

It is suggested by experts that Snap can improve its credit score by looking to the debt markets for future considerations, as well as by exhibiting the enhanced profits, which would be not less than a challenge.

Snap welcomed a huge number of risks with it related to its IPO filing, including the growth in the user base which could get lowered and revenue, that is wholly dependent on the products of ads. Snap also took into consideration the unconventional issuance of the non-voting profit shares as a risk factor.

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The company has included a statement in its S-1 filing reads, which says that they have not found any company which has completed a starting public offering of non-voting share on American stock exchange. That’s why the company can’t foresee the effect of capital structure and the focused control of its founders, which may have influenced the stock price of the company.

However, Snap may also provide advantage from the slew of the positive ratings which it gets from “Purchase,” “Overweight” and “Outperform,” generated by the top six analysts, which clearly clash with the previous ratings.

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