After V30 and Google Pixel 2, the LG Phones Are Going to have OLED

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According to last year reports, in headquarter of LG, Seoul. Some questions were asked by the team leader of LG product, Lan Hwang related to Android Greeks mind. The most important question was that why LG phones are a lack of OLED screens up till now?

Even most of Greek technical workers emphasizes on OLED and LEC panels. And now iPhone 8 will make way for the use of these technologies. In spite, LG is taking the lead and playing a vital role in making of OLED television markets. It has also delivered OLED panels for apple watch.

Samsung is still sticking on QLED. They don’t know much about OLED and don’t even sell OLED televisions.

The team leader did not tell much about records. They infer that in one of their department has decided that, yet they need to focus on large panels specifically for televisions. Hence, the information which is leaked by insiders disclosed rumors, and by taking off the records interviews from the employees, it seems like LG will soon apply this new technology in Pixel 2 and LG V30.

Pixel 2 is a Google product, and from given information, it can be interpreted that soon LG will make this product for Google. There is the point to be noted that if you take a survey the phone news, and if you notice Android’s policies of pixel 2, from leaked information it is shown that it’s models, resembles LG G6.

If these rumors become a truth, then it is good news for users because at least it will not resemble pixel 1. It so because of riotous large bezels of pixel 1. In 2016 it was intensely failed because of its some of the awkward features.

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According to Android policies, which has precisely defined looks of pixel 1 in the previous year. This year it has also accurately confirmed about pixel 2 that surely it will have LG made OLED panels. Even it will have the same aspect ratio which is 18:9, which was expressed in Samsung and LG mobiles phones in last year.

Most probably Chinese may also follow this technology in their phones in upcoming 2018.

Perhaps V30 will also be revealed in an IFA trade show in Berlin at the end of August. It is not officially confirmed by news LG yet, but they have represented a copy with V30 to technical workers and asked them to save the date.

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