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A weird thing which occurred between the mid of 2016 and present day: The OnePlus stopped being screwed up. The company which got notorious because of worst marketing campaigns and making customers to wait for the months in the virtual line inside the market of smartphones to get the new phones, has improbably or wholeheartedly, decided to correct the course during past nine months, changing itself, at least by the exterior, being a well-managed and confident machine.

After the release of OnePlus 3 during June 2016, – the phone which is known as the downright excellent phone – the company started to manufacture the phones in India for meeting its growing demand, increase its profitability and amazingly the better accessories line while ironing out the logistics sufficient or shipping the phones to make the order for the first time in its history.  And then in November, the OnePlus made everyone surprised by the release of the updated model of the 5-month older phone and became the first manufacturer of third party device for releasing the Android 7.1.1 in few months after getting hit its focus to the Nougat update.

Last year, it seemed impossible for everyone that the company would make such excellent performance. The massive exodus (or maybe the planned consolidation relying on who you are talking to) of its software formation section made apparent about the company chase to its tail, tending to decide about managing the explosive growth in a proper way on the shoestring budget. However, as the company faced a lot of criticism in a good way, admitting the flaws when required while making the core doubled, an early adoptive audience which gives it back to life while being debited in 2014.

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Presently, the company releases the software updates on the regular basis for both of the 3 series of the phone and you sit to get your OnePlus 3 updated the Oxygen OS Open Beta 5, how utterly mature and cohesive it feels and how the company managed to find the way to sell the products in the best way.

After the release of the limited stock of the OnePlus 3-midnight black, it is clear that the marketing structure of the company is in resonance to its logistics and the product sections, eking it out as much the return business and goodwill while the natural product cycle of a whole year before the whole scene starts again.

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