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If you have bought a new Android smartphone or tablet, you would be dying to play a new game or try an exciting new app on your device. However, we strongly suggest that you first download a good antivirus that can protect your new device from different types of virus attacks. Having a good security app will also ensure that any new software or application that is downloaded to the device goes through an antivirus check.

360 Security is one of the most recommended Android security apps that enable you to protect your device from a plethora of outside threats. Let’s find out how:

The 360 Security app is not just an Android security app, but also a speed booster, antivirus and junk cleaner for your smartphone or tablet. It helps in optimizing the background apps and cleans the memory space to keep your device safe from attacks by Trojan and virus. It also helps in removing the junk files and optimizes the battery power.

What are the different features of 360 Security app?

It is an amazingly effective speed booster as well as space cleaner that helps in creating space for new applications and media files. This app allows you to clean the junk files and application caches, and this helps in boosting the power of your phone in just one tap.

The smartphone is a smart battery saver, so if the battery of your device drains out fast then this app can help disable the unused apps and boost the battery life of your phone.

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The 360 Security app helps remove viruses from the device and make it free from Trojans, viruses, adware, malware and other types of vulnerabilities.

This security app scans the already installed apps, new apps, content in the memory card. It uses the latest and most advanced technologies to provide protection against virus attacks.

It also helps in removing the junk files which include large files, Android system files and app caches. This helps in instantly boosting the speed of your app and this improves the overall Android performance, while at the same time frees up the storage space

The speed booster feature of the app helps in improving the overall performance of the phone, it boosts the device to help it run smoothly.

The app is intelligent as it knows when to trigger the clean feature of the app automatically, and this helps you save a lot of battery power that can help your phone stay charged for long.

You can download the 360 Security app from the Google Play Store for free and enjoy enhanced protection from the various threats and risks.

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