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Do you have a missed call and want to know the caller before you call back? More than 100 million people make use of TrueCaller app to search for people to get in touch with, keep their current contact information updated and identify missed calls.

Other Uses of TrueCaller App

  • Tweet and Follow someone on Twitter directly from TrueCaller.
  • Spot not needed calls and top spammers in your country.
  • See the number of times that a spam call has been reported by TrueCaller’s community.
  • Automatically enhance your contacts with photos and information from TrueCaller and an assortment of social networks – Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Look for any number to see the owner.
  • Integration for more rapidly business lookup results.

TrueCaller Functions

The TrueCaller app comes with some great and valuable functions like location and number of the caller, reverse number lookup, name display and a social website feature that informs followers the time that the user is on the phone. The ability of TrueCaller app to support a list of callers that the user blocks to prevent unwanted calls, whether from individuals or salespeople with whom the user don’t want to speak any longer, is what it is most popular for.

In addition, TrueCaller app equally informs the user of spam calls that are being received and tagged by other users who use the database of the application.  This meticulous feature supportively lets a TrueCaller user block spam even before they even take delivery of it.

TrueCaller Social Functions

TrueCaller indicates how significant social websites have become in the lives of all and sundry, and this is a convenient and interesting aspect of the application. Providentially, TrueCaller app makers understands this fact when they decided to improve their application with features that let the user hook up with their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users can also view updates made by friends in real time, apart from being able to post messages or status updates. Plus a profile picture of who is texting or calling the user is viewable on the screen, which lends more security to the user in understanding exactly who is contacting them, provided that it is available.

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Trial Application

TrueCaller gives a seven-day trial app in Italy, Canada, Denmark, United States, Norway and Sweden, after which users can buy the application directly from the official website of TrueCallers or their phones. As long as you have WLAN, 3G or EDGE Internet connection installed in your cell phone, TrueCaller app will work correctly. TrueCaller app is a helpful device for people who must handle a high volume of calls every day, as a way to shun any unwanted or unwelcome calls.

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