How WhatsApp is Different from WhatsApp Plus

How WhatsApp is Different from WhatsApp Plus

There are 3 major differences between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp as highlighted below:

  1. Every aspect of your WhatsApp UI can be customized, including changing the size of the size and color of the header, conversation screen, widgets, pop-up notification and many more. The pre-build themes are the most noticeable difference. WhatsApp Plus comes with more than 2000 themes.

  1. The media sharing of WhatsApp Plus can be customized. For example, you can send files larger in size without loss of image quality. This is useful to university students for the purpose of sharing classroom notes.
  2. You can hide your online status and this is actually the overwhelming feature of Whatsapp Plus. Plus the fact that, WhatsApp Plus has a single tick option that reveals single tick to the sender, even at the time the message is received and comprehended.

Download WhatsApp here.

Download WhatsApp Plus here.

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