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Skype can be described as an IP telephony service company that provides low-cost calling and free calling service between subscribers and people who don’t use the service. Skype enables videoconferencing, video chat, texting and file transfers, in addition to the normal telephone calls.

This service is available for tablet computers, notebook, desktop computers and other mobile devices, such as mobile phones. Many companies like Skype generate dedicated Skype phones. Other benefits of Skype are good audio quality and easy set-up.

There are 5 interesting facts you never know about this communication giant, whether you are just beginning to sniff around its features, a long-time Skype devotee, or sitting firmly on the fence.

Skype made communication free

Although Skype does not make communication technically free, but obtaining a Skype phone number with the country code of your choice is cheaper than a regular line. If you run a business from abroad, travels abroad regularly, or works with more than a few international customers, it is ideal for you.

With Skype, you can get the phone number of US and any other country, set up voicemail and receive calls as if you live in that country, for only a reasonable fee per month. It is absolutely free for those in that country to get in touch with you.

Banned by some industries and countries

Despite the fact that Skype is a popular worldwide tool, it is not everyone that loves it. No wonder it was banned by some industries and countries. As a matter of fact, due to using excessive bandwidth or improper usage of resources, many network administrators have stopped using Skype for certain government, home, corporate and education networks. On the other hand, security issues are an issue for some network administrators.

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Not Made or founded in America

Although it may look as if Skype is an American company, but the truth is that it didn’t start out in that manner. The real software was made by a group of Europeans, while it was originally established in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis–out of Sweden and Denmark respectfully.

It was as a result of an agreement made with a Polish web portal in 2005 that made eBay to be the first American come to buy Skype Technologies.

Skype is technically considered a division of Microsoft

It is noteworthy that Skype is a division of Microsoft because both technology giants have merged. The purpose of this merger is to offer the best possible experience for users with no increase in cost. Skype chose to join Microsoft because they realized that it is almost impossible to really compete with them.

The numbers are amazing

The number of people using Skype is increasing day by day. For instance, the platform had only 2.9 percent of the total international call market share in 2005. Surprisingly, the figures in 2014 jumped to 40 percent. This is the proof that the technology works!


Skype remains one of the best and user-friendly and safe alternatives for video chats and calls for pleasure or business. As it is developing everyday, this is the right time for the teenager to grow up–and you will surely harvest all its benefits.

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