Download Google Hangouts and send free SMS

Download Google Hangouts send free SMS

A new version of Google Hangouts is now out. This new version has a few upgrades compared to the previous version. This new version is available on the Chrome Web store. One new feature is that its developer have redesigned IS the user interface. It has been given a whole new look. The entire chat layout has been changed. The contacts are now to the left while the chat window has been moved to the right.

This new version includes a new feature for Mac OS X optimization. Mayur Kamat, the product manager for Google Hangouts advised those who use the app to try the new version especially those who use Mac OS X. some may think that this new version is only for Mac OS X but that is not the case. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and Chrome operating systems. However for those who use these operating systems that is those who do not use Mac OS X, the product manager advised that before they use the application they should switch off the “Transparency Mode”. For those who already have a previous version installed and it fails to update, they are advised to first uninstall it and then reinstall the software onto their devices.

The release of this updated version does not seem to have let is developers relax like most would expect. According to Google in one week’s time they will release a new feature to be added to the application. This new feature will be an online photo-sharing service and will not be a part of the Google+ network. Using this new feature, Google Hangouts’ users will be able to post their pictures onto various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This announcement confirms an earlier report that stated that Google+ would split Photos and Streams from itself.

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Download Google Hangouts

The fact that Google Hangouts was already doing well with the previous features it already had such as additional emojis and one-on-one group chats being a hit among its user means that they are really out there to ensure that everyone is comfortable using their application. This is particularly shown by the production of this version that is optimized for Mac OS X. Also the fact that they have just released new features and are set to release another one in a week means they are really working hard to strengthen their foothold in the messaging app industry.

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